Project Description: In 2016, Tomahawk Creek Elementary School went through renovations and Phillco Construction awarded the fire protection work to Jayhawk Fire. This retrofit of an existing school was on a 2-month project schedule to get the school open before school started.

Quote from Client: We had a couple of challenges due to the design & size of the kitchen changing and an issue with Water One and old lead valves but we got through them, achieved substantial completion on the date required and got it open well before school started.  I appreciate all Jayhawk did to get this job done. Seth and his team did a great job, and I would welcome working with them again on the next one.  Overall a very nice job. – Greg Phillips, President of Phillco Construction, LLC

  • Year: 2016
  • Industry: Educational
  • Job Type: Installation / Retrofit
  • Location: Overland Park, KS