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Fire extinguishers are required at nearly all properties and especially includes multi-family communities. In addition to being required to have fire extinguishers accessible at your property, they are also required to be inspected annually by certified personnel, generally a fire protection expert. Look no further than CodeRED Fire. CodeRED Fire is the LAST fire extinguisher company you will ever need. The ease of working with us is something that we can talk about all day, but instead, we invite you to experience the difference yourself.

CodeRED is Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler’s solution to your need for a quality fire extinguisher inspection and service provider. It is our goal to be able to provide our customers with a One-Call, Comprehensive Fire Protection Solution where you place one call or send one email to us and we can take care of all of your fire protection needs. Our partnership with other local suppliers allows us to provide you with Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Inspections, Service, and Installation.

What to Expect with CodeRED Fire

  • All of your inspections in one place!

  • Always Local!

  • Save Money & Time!

  • Fast Response Times!

  • Convenient Billing with JFS!

  • No Hidden Fees or Contracts!

  • Stay Up-to-Date on Compliance!

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Not only can you get all of your inspections in one place with the relationships we have established over the years, but we can also help you with Budget Planning. Because your fire extinguishers need to be inspected every year and serviced at every 6-year interval from the time they are manufactured, we work with you to plan better and hit your budget year over year. With detailed records kept, you will know exactly what to plan for every year.


CodeRED Fire can handle any size property from the inspection of 1 extinguisher to over 500 extinguishers. We can also put together an inspection program to help you and your team stay on top of monthly inspections to ensure the fire extinguishers are accessible, in proper position, and maintaining proper pressure.

Annually, all fire extinguishers should be externally inspected to identify obvious physical damage, corrosion, or nozzle blockage and to verify the operating instructions are present and visible. At the time of this inspection, the tamper seal or indicator should be removed, pull pin or locking device should be operated and put back in place, and a new tamper seal or indicator will be replaced.

Inspection Process

  • Visual inspection of the unit for physical damage, corrosion, or nozzle blockage
  • Test the mechanical parts operation
  • Verify the extinguisher is maintaining pressure
  • New tamper seal with CodeRED Logo & year on it
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Maintenance of fire extinguishers is important in keeping all of your fire extinguishers fully functional and to increase their useful life. Fire extinguishers should have maintenance performed based off of the manufacturer’s service manual. Depending on the type and classification of extinguishers you have at your property, most will require maintenance at 6-year intervals and will need to be hydrostatically tested at 12-year intervals.

CodeRED Fire utilizes a Swap Program for fire extinguisher maintenance where units due maintenance are swapped with units that already have the maintenance completed. This saves you money by not having to pay for an extra trip back to your property.


Over time, fire extinguishers wear down and will need to be replaced. CodeRED always has a supply of extinguishers in our shop and can provide you with replacement extinguishers to have on hand in case you have extinguishers that are discharged or go missing to easily replace them. We also carry a supply of spare parts to replace damaged fire extinguisher components during maintenance.

fire extinguisher recharge


Many fire extinguishers have the ability to be recharged and reused if it is discharged, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Recharging fire extinguishers give us the ability to extend the life a perfectly good fire extinguisher, rather than having to dispose of it after use. 

If you have a fire extinguisher that has been discharged, it must be recharged or replaced with a functional extinguisher. CodeRED has the ability to recharge most fire extinguishers when you have a fire extinguisher that has discharged.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire extinguishers are effective in most situations, but only if used properly. Because most people do not have experience with using a fire extinguisher, we offer on-site training for your staff and/or residents. While we hope you are never in a situation where you have to use a fire extinguisher, preparedness is critically important and we want to help train and educate anyone who is interested.

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