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Fire Sprinkler Services

Fires take lives and account for billions of dollars in property damage every year. Businesses and homes with fire sprinkler systems see a significant reduction in the average cost of property damage if a fire does occur. When lives and property are in jeopardy, do you really want to take a risk with your fire sprinkler contractor? We would love the chance to work with you to help protect your business and the things that matter most. we have a wide range of services that can help you through whichever phase of fire sprinkler protection you are in.

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Consultation & Account Management

Every project and every property is different. In our unique approach to fire protection, we involve our clients from the start. Ultimately, it is your property, so you should get a say in what happens.

By integrating our clients in the consultation we design the highest quality systems, ensure a smoother construction process and keep cost down for our clients. Our Consultation & Account Management Services involve:

  • Site visits & Project Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Inspection Reminders
  • Deficiency Repairs
  • Remodels & Project Phasing
  • Corrosion Solutions
  • Special Hazards
  • Code Consultation
  • Waterflow Analysis

Design & Estimating

Great projects start with great design. Our design team has experienced every type of project imaginable and has all of the tools to be able to coordinate with the other trades in the design process. We don’t just say how we’re going to design the system and what should be done; we listen to what our clients want.

Our ability to help clients understand which fire sprinkler systems meet their needs allow us to keep costs to our clients down and makes for a smoother design & construction process.

Our Integrated Design & Estimating Departments works together using:

  • Site Visits & Planning
  • 3-D BIM Design
  • AutoCAD
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fire sprinkler installation

Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler works on all types of fire sprinkler systems. In addition to the installation of all fire sprinkler systems, we have a service department to be able to provide Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance; Service & Repairs; and 24/7 Emergency service.

Learn more about the different types of fire sprinkler systems here.


Wet Systems

The most common type of fire sprinkler system installed at a property is going to be a wet system.

A wet sprinkler system will typically consist of a backflow prevention device, control valves, inspectors test / main drain, and a water flow alarm. All of these need to be inspected and tested annually at minimum.

Antifreeze Systems

Antifreeze systems are typically installed at multifamily living communities where there are fire sprinklers protecting breezeways and patios. Penthouses in high-rise buildings often have an antifreeze loop system incorporated into the installation, fed off of a wet system.

An antifreeze system is a wet pipe sprinkler system that utilizes an antifreeze solution to prevent water from freezing inside the sprinkler system. This allows for installation in areas that are exposed to freezing temperatures.

Prior to the onset of freezing temperatures, antifreeze solution should be tested to ensure the determined freezing point is being met and the pre-mixed solution is limited to 30% propylene glycol or 38% glycerine by volume.

Dry Systems

Dry systems are specialized automatic sprinkler systems that are used for a variety of situations where it is not desirable to have water actively in the sprinkler piping. Commonly used in hospitals, data centers, attics, and other water sensitive areas.

In addition to these applications, areas that are especially prone to freezing temperatures such as parking garages benefit from having dry systems installed.

Along with an annual inspection, dry systems should have a 3-year Full-Trip performed to simulate normal operation. This is performed every three years to make every effort to keep the system dry as much as possible to help prolong the life of the system and deter corrosion.

Preaction Systems

Similar to a Dry System, Preaction Systems are specialized automatic sprinkler systems that are used in situations where it is undesirable to have water actively in the sprinkler piping. The most common application is data centers or data rooms that host sensitive data, as well as electrical equipment rooms.

Unlike Dry Systems, Preaction Systems require multiple actions or events to occur before the system operates. There three types of Preaction Systems:

  • Single Interlock
  • Double Interlock
  • Non-Interlock

A Single Interlock Preaction System admits water to sprinkler piping upon operation of detection devices.

A Double Interlock Preaction System admits water to the sprinkler piping upon operation of both detection devices and automatic sprinklers.

A Non-Interlock System admits water to sprinkler piping upon operation of detection devices or automatic sprinklers.

Deluge Systems

Deluge Systems are similar to Preaction and Dry systems where they are specialized automatic sprinkler systems that are used in highly sensitive protection applications.

Unlike Preaction and Dry Systems, Deluge Systems employ open sprinklers or nozzles that, when activated by the operation of a detection system, water flows through the system and discharges from all sprinklers or nozzles.

The most common application of Deluge Systems is in Airplane Hangers or Helicopter Landing Pads, but is often integrated with a Foam System.


Fire Pumps

When the water pressure present is not substantial enough to supply the sprinkler system, a fire pump gives your sprinkler system the boost it needs to operate as designed.

Fire pumps should be flow tested annually and should have a monthly pump churn performed to ensure normal operation.

For more information on inspection, testing, and maintenance procedures for fire pumps, please contact us.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Fire Sprinkler Systems, Domestic Water Systems, and Irrigation Systems are all supposed to have backflow prevention devices installed to help protect the drinking and potable water supply.

These devices are to be inspected and tested annually. Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler can assist with all your backflow preventer needs.

Chances are, your property has a backflow prevention device. Thanks to the implementation of online compliance engines, backflow testing is starting to be tracked more consistently by the water district / purveyor in certain areas.

Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance

Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance (ITM) of fire sprinkler systems helps protect your property and saves lives. In addition to the required annual inspections, there are other ITM procedures that should be followed to keep your fire sprinkler systems in peak performance.

Some of these procedures are designed to find any deficiencies that could lead to ineffectiveness of your sprinkler systems. Here is a list of ITM procedures to help maintain your property:

  • Annual Inspection
  • Semi-annual Inspection
  • Quarterly Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Flow Test
  • Antifreeze Solution Test
  • Valve Maintenance
  • 5-year Internal Inspection
  • 5-year Standpipe Flow Test
  • 3-year Full-Trip of Dry & Preaction Systems
  • Drum Drip / Low Point Draining
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Service & Repair

Fire Sprinkler Systems are only good if they are working properly. Over time, a fire sprinkler system and their components begin to wear down. Our goal is to help slow this process by keeping up with the aforementioned Inspection, Testing, & Maintenance programs that we implement at your property.

While we do our best to keep your sprinkler systems in working condition, Service & Repairs are still needed. Any time there are electrical and mechanical components are involved, their condition wears down with each use.

To help keep your property protected, we offer a wide range of Service & Repairs for fire sprinkler systems and fire pumps.

  • Pipe Repair & Replacement
  • Air Compressor Replacement
  • Nitrogen System Installation
  • Hydraulic Design Information Signs
  • Water Flow Switches
  • Control Valves
  • Corrosion Repair & Mitigation
  • Gauge Replacement
  • Backflow Repair, Rebuild, & Replacement
  • Sprinkler Head Sample Testing
  • Air Test on Dry & Preaction Systems
  • Drain Repair
  • Check Valve Replacement
  • Antifreeze Solution Replacement
  • Fire Pump Service & Repair

24 / 7 Emergency Service

We get it. Emergencies happen. They are never planned, but it helps to be prepared. With Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler on your side, you will be.

They don’t have a schedule or happen at any certain time. They can happen in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night. Whenever they do happen, Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler is here to respond immediately.

All of our offices have a 24 / 7 Emergency Dispatch Service with on-call technicians ready to respond to your fire sprinkler emergencies. Their service vehicles are fully stocked to be able to repair most fire sprinkler emergencies and assess the repairs needed to return your system to service quickly.

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