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Fires take lives and account for billions of dollars in property damage every year. Businesses and homes with fire sprinkler systems see a significant reduction in the average cost of property damage if a fire does occur. When lives and property are in jeopardy, do you really want to take a risk with your fire sprinkler contractor?

Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler specializes in the consultation, estimation, design, installation, purchasing, and project management of the following systems:

Inspections and Service

Fire sprinkler systems are only going to perform if they are in proper working condition. Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler performs annual and quarterly inspections for all systems in accordance with NFPA 25 as well as with all local and state requirements. Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler offers installation, service, testing, and inspection of backflow prevention devices by backflow certified technicians to insure that the device is operating properly. If your fire sprinkler system needs to be repaired, Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler will promptly address and offer the solution to have your system up and running properly.


Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler is unique in our consultation process. We don’t just say how we are going to design the system and what should be done; we listen to what clients want. Our ability to help clients understand which fire sprinkler system meets their needs allow us to keep costs to our clients down and makes for a smoother construction process.

Emergency Service

We know that emergencies happen. This is why every Jayhawk Fire Sprinkler location is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to handle your fire sprinkler system emergencies.